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I have been tremendously helped by the treatments received from Karen.She has been coming to my home regularly since Sept.2008 providing reflexology and arm & hand massage. The reflexology has helped a great deal in relaxation and sleep patterns, which were giving me some trouble.I also suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome & trigger fingers, the arm & hand massage alleviates the symptoms.

Karen is not only a good practitioner but a lovely caring person and I look forward to the appointments I have with her. I thoroughly recommend her in every way.

Lily.....South Woodford

Karen has been visiting me providing reflexology treatment for two years. I have found her gentle calm nature helps to create a peaceful atmosphere and enables me to cope with my medical problems, in particular severe diverticulitis.

Her advice and treatments have proved invaluable.

Val......Newbury Park

Karen was recommended to me for stress relief and tension management. After a stressful day at work as a head teacher I have found massage has helped me relax and feel able to cope with enjoying my life & work. I recommend Karen she has a fantastic understanding of the mind and body.

Shoan....Head teacher Redbridge

I had cosmetic surgery to my face consisting of neck area, lower face and eyes in November 2008. To aid the healing process and minimise bruising and swelling it was recommended that I have lymph drainage treatments carried out prior and post surgery, I booked a course of MLD facial treatments with Karen.

The MLD treatments were painless, very relaxing and I went into surgery confident that the healing process would be more rapid and I was right. I had further MLD treatment the day after surgery and every day for one week. Not only did I not have much swelling, my bruising was minimal and my stitches were removed that week with no scarring.

I can only recommend that anyone having facial surgery should have MLD treatments and can assure them they will be thrilled with the outcome. I went back to work the week after surgery and apart from everyone telling me how well I looked, there were no signs any surgery had taken place.

Paula Knight....Manager Chingford E4

It is with great pleasure that we write to recommend Karen. She has been treating us over the last nine months for lymphoedema of the legs, she has given us considerable and lasting relief.

Dr K Heathfield MD MRCP and Mrs.D Heathfield

At Redbridge Carers Support Services we offer carers a break from their caring role, our therapy services help carers relax, spend time looking after themselves thus improving their health and well being, equipping them with the mental and physical tools to continue to care.

Karen has worked as a therapist for Redbridge Carers Support Services since Nov.2005.

Along with our three other therapists, Karen has provided a highly professional service to carers. We use evaluation sheets to measure carers' satisfaction with the therapies they receive, the feedback is always of a good or excellent nature and carers really do benefit from the service.

Over the past seven years we have been able to offer isolated, vulnerable carers our therapy services at home. Karen has played a key part in that development building trust with those carers who are most at risk of social exclusion. Her reliability, honesty and passion makes her very popular with the carers she works with. We receive many positive comments from carers who have received therapies from Karen.

Karen also teaches some of our carers massage, as part of our training programme.

Staff and carers alike have commented on Karen's empathetic approach, her professionalism, wealth of experience and commitment to her profession. It is a pleasure to have Karen on board.

Glynis Donovan...Director Redbridge Carers Support Services

I contacted Karen as I was advised to have MLD treatments after Vaser liposuction on my upper legs and arms. Karen was extremely thorough about my medical state before starting the treatment and recommended a couple of sessions pre-op. After the op, she helped with my dressings, support garments and post op exercises. The MLD made recovery from my operation fast and my bruising short lived but it also had another interesting effect. I had been suffering from stress and depression and had been on medical leave for two months. After MLD I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in many many months. It was a turning point which has enabled me to get my mojo back and return to work. I continue to have MLD both for weight management, non-surgical facelifts and overall relaxation. Karen as a therapist is both knowledgable and experienced. As a person, Karen is personable, empathetic and someone I trusted very quickly. If you havn't tried it yet do so, you won't be disappointed.

Anne, Managing Director, North London

I first started having reflexology sessions with Karen to help with the pain I was experiencing due to plantar fasciitis in my right foot. After six months of regular, three weekly treatments the pain has ceased. An added bonus is that I find these reflexology sessions totally relaxing and rejuvenating.

Karen is a gentle, caring professional who is extremely knowledgeable. She has a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the body and mind.

I really look forward to my sessions with Karen and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Louise, Sheringham

I had a double mastectomy at the end of 2015 and then a second operation to remove the lymph glands on one side. I started visiting Karen at her Norfolk clinic when my left arm began to feel tight and slightly swollen. She worked on my whole body, very gently carrying out manual lymph drainage, at first several times a week, then once a week, reducing to monthly maintenance mld treatments. Karen did a great deal more to aid my recovery than manual lymph drainage. Karen helped me plan my recovery, willing me onwards, and making me feel confident about my new body. When I required a special cream to hydrate the skin or a compression garment, Karen ordered them for me. Recovery takes a lot of work and thinking. Every time I visit Karen for an appointment, she has left me feeling happier and better able to cope. I am so much better physically and mentally now than I was a year ago and I feel that a lot of my healing is due to her. 

Caroline McGhie, Norfolk  

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