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Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a therapy designed to stimulate and assist drainage of the skin and underlying tissues, improving the function of the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system runs all over the body, in tandem with the circulation, removing waste and also bacteria and viruses, so it's an important part of the body's defences against infection.

If the drainage channels are blocked for some reason the lymph fluid accumulates, leading to swelling. 

MLD is a very gentle & non-invasive form of massage which involves light movement to the skin to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and help remove waste products from the tissues, draining the affected area both by decompressing and emptying the lymph channels and persuading the lymph to take other routes.

MLD facials are an ideal treatment for maintaining healthy and youthful skin and are a fantastic alternative to cosmetic surgery.


MLD relieves or improves:



Post surgical healing including cosmetic surgery* or dentistry

Bruising & haematoma

Post-operative scarring

Swollen legs during pregnancy

Leg ulcers


Skin conditions e.g. acne, rosacea.

*Pre-op MLD is advised in addition to post-op MLD

Combined Decongestive Therapy/Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy                             

Diet, Exercise, Skin Care, MLD, compression garments or bandaging.

Gentle daily exercise and deep breathing are vital to stimulate the lymph flow because, unlike blood, lymph flows only in one direction and has no heart to pump it around.

So it relies on body movements and muscle contraction to improve the impetus.

Good skincare is essential because the affected area tends to become dry and flaky, compromising the skin barrier and causing inflammation.



Points on the feet correspond to the organs & structure of the entire body. Using an acupressure technique the practitioner works over the body's capacity for self-healing through thousands of nerve endings. This relaxing yet energising treatment emotionally restores balance, aids relaxation, reduces stress levels, helps to restore sleep patterns and aids circulation; restoring the body to its natural balance.


Swedish Massage

A combination of acupressure and massage techniques. Improves circulation, relieves muscular aches & pains, eases joint stiffness increases flexibility and range of joint motion. Massage reduces many common ailments e.g. stress,anxiety and depression by inducing relaxation. 

Massage has a positive physical and psychological affect.                                                      



Essential oils extracted from plants are absorbed through the skin during a soothing massage to improve physical and emotional well being. It also helps the body to heal itself by reducing stress, which is often a cause of many ailments and illnesses.


Indian Head Massage

Stimulates the body's self-healing mechanisms using massage techniques and pressure points, known as marmas.It relieves muscle tension, which reduces emotional and physical stress, improving blood circulation to the brain.

Benefits include increased vitality, improved sleep patterns,reduction of tension and headaches.


Pregnancy Massage techniques are adapted to each stage of the pregnancy.

Massage helps to relieve tension in the lower and

upper back. It can also alleviate swelling in the legs and feet.

Baby Massage promotes positive physical contact allowing a baby's self esteem & confidence to develop.

Massaged babies are calmer, sleep better & cry less.

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